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Guven + ErhanGüven Kirac has a theatre background. His breakthrough came with his very first appearance in Zeki Demirkubuz’ film Masumiyet in 1997. Since then, he has become well-known to Turkish audiences through his appearances in a string of award-winning cinema features and television series. His international career took off with a role in Fatih Akin’s “Head On” (2004). Güven Kirac’s last appearance was in Kebab Connection (2005) by Anno Saul. “The Shave” is the first short film he participated in.

Erhan Emre is both producer and actor. Together with Neco Celik, he founded the film production company 36pictures. Numerous film- and television appearances have made him well-known in Germany. His most significant appearances were in Züli Aladag’s Elephant Heart (2001), Martin Egler’s Friends (2000), and Everyday Life by Neco Celik (2003). His last leading role was in the WDR two-part television series “Time of the Wishes” (2004).

About shaving

TotaleA man spends an average of 150 days during his life fighting against his beard. In only 18 months, he shaves an area as big as a football pitch. Many times as an obligatory chore and rarely without shedding blood. Is shaving a dry and dull affair, even if one has a wet shave? One could think so, if there weren´t any barber shops around. Whoever was lucky enough to experience the art of shaving at least once in his life will do everything to find his favourite barber. Shaving is a very physical experience where tension and relaxation, pleasure and pain lie very close together. Sometimes, the air is even erotically charged…