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The Shave
2005, 7 Min., 35mm, colour, 1:1.85

Barber: Güven Kıraç
Customer: Erhan Emre
Screenplay: Martina Priessner & Tunçay Kulaoğlu
Directors: Martina Priessner & Tunçay Kulaoğlu
Producer: Frank Becher
Director of Photography: Angela Poschet bvk
Focus Puller: Tomasz Winczewski
Editor: Frank Becher
Music: Peter Roigk
Sound Design: Robert F. Kellner & Peter Roigk
Foley Artist: Bastian Huber
Gaffer: Anne Misselwitz
Best Boy: Christoph Lemmen
Make-up Artist: Ruth Willamowski
Lighting Technology: cinegate Berlin
Film Material: Kodak
Camera Technology: Langfilms
Production Company: CINEMANIAX! Robert F.Kellner Filmproduktion
Distribution: sanartfilm Nürnberg

Co-financed by BKM

Martina and Tuncay thank the entire team for their wonderful work!
Big thanks also go out to:

Frank Becher und Angela Poschet, Cinemaniax! Filmproduktion (without you, we wouldn't have managed)
Güven Kıra? (what's up, Torte?)
Erhan Emre (not least for the loss of actual blood and other forms of torture endured)
Peter (for your spontanity)
Adil Kaya und Ayten Akyıldız, sanartfilm Nürnberg (we start out with 70 prints, right?)
Ayşe Barım (she made the ?Torte? possible)
Nadir Serin, TGRT Europe (for blindly trusting us)
Jochen Kast, exmt (for keeping his patience in the face of endless demands)
Miraz Bezar (Heval, our fake shaving session provided the storyboard!)
Ali Emir und Vehbi Uygunsözlü (for the most wonderful barber shop in Berlin West)
Thomas Hartmann (for his musical inspiration)
Sabine Westermaier (for her work on the script and all her ideas)
Kira Kosnick (for the wonderful translations)
Yeter Yıldız (for all the delicacies)
the Priessner family for their anatolian hospitality in the frankian small town of Hubenberg, just before the edit!
Tülay (despite her large belly) and Tanju, Jochen and Hans for the test screening